World Walkers

World Walkers


University dropout Eileen Wiseman explores the many worlds out there, accompanied by a boy who only want to get home.


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Dream Team – The Great Escape


A short comic created for the 23h de la BD comic challenge and received a silver bunny award. Based on this year’s theme “Dream Team”, a team of four ferrets plan their escape.


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A short comic written in French for the LGBTQ fanzine Lemonade. A story of inevitable attraction between two anthropomorphised galaxies.

A Guide to (Somewhat) Proper Dimetrodon

A Guide To (Somewhat) Proper Dimetrodon Rearing


An artbook in the style of the journal of steampunk palaeobotanist Eleonora Brooks. Follow her misadventures are she tries to hatch and raise her pet dimetrodon Dimitry.


Murder On The Ferret Express


A short comic originally written in French in 2017 for the fanzine Les Aventures De Poncho Et Ses Amis.

A sweet cake murder mystery.

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The Weasel


A short silent comic about the misadventures of a ferret in the Middle Ages. Originally written in French, translated to English in 2013.


Holy Grail


A short comic created for the 23h de la BD comic challenge, won a silver bunny. Based on this year’s theme "The line between fantasy and reality", a girl and her ferret seek the Holy Grail while attempting to escape their demons.

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The Ferret Book

2013 - 2017

The first ferret book was published as a one-off collection of sketches. Due to its popularity three more volumes were published until 2017. Includes short comics, ferret fan art and drawing tutorials.