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A short comic created for the 23h de la BD comic challenge and received a silver bunny award. Based on this year’s theme “Dream Team”, a team of four ferrets plan their escape.

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Dream Team – The Great Escape


A short comic written in French for the LGBTQ fanzine Lemonade. A story of inevitable attraction between two anthropomorphised galaxies.



A short comic originally written in French in 2017 for the fanzine Les Aventures De Poncho Et Ses Amis.

A sweet cake murder mystery.

Murder On The Ferret Express


A short silent comic about the misadventures of a ferret in the Middle Ages. Originally written in French, translated to English in 2013.

The Weasel


The first ferret book was published as a one-off collection of sketches. Due to its popularity three more volumes were published until 2017. Includes short comics, ferret fan art and drawing tutorials.

The Ferret Book

2013 - 2017